Through a leading mind and integrated responsibility, Exeed Electronics was established in 2008, taking advantage of the latest technological innovations in manufacturing electrical and electronic Household appliances, which placed Exeed Electronics as the biggest and the first complex of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa.

Its initial investment amounted to 172 million USD; Exeed Electronics overall capital is held by Emirati and Local Investment. The establishment is built over a space area of 105.000 m² in the Jordanian Capital, Amman, which include factories of Household appliances, small domestic goods, powder coating plants and plastic injection plants, as well as warehouses.

Those factories are fully equipped with the most up-to-date tools and machines especially imported from Korea, Japan, Germany, and Switzerland.

Exeed Electronics also owns some of the best industrial equipment that have no alike in the Middle East and North Africa, which makes Exeed Electronics the sole owner of such installation.

All factories were provided with quality control testing rooms that utilized on a state of the art technology, and the most advanced and developed techniques, enabling us to test all products, and to ensure their high quality standards.

Thus, Exeed Electronics is classified as an integrated complex and the hub for all stages, starting from raw material preparation, formation, passing by machines manufacture and production, concluding with the high quality and performance guarantee.

Exeed Electronics is further entitled to produce and import the electric household appliances of the international trade-mark and OEM manufacturing, not to mention the Complex’s flexibility and ability to manufacture any electric and electronic household appliances of any requested trademark, a distinctive service that Exeed Electronics offers to the biggest distributors in MENA countries.

Our Vision is To become one of the top manufacturing leaders for home appliances in the MENA region and Africa


  • To be the Market leader in home appliances in the MENA Region.
  • Maintaining a high-quality product, in competitive price and in a time delivery.
  • Establishing high standards of professionalism among the employees in a strong and distinctive environment.
  • Continual improvement on profitable performance of the company.
  • Building, maintain and enhancing a world-class best practice work environment to become the employer of choice.
  • Maintain an enterprising culture that attracts rewards and retains top local and international talents.



Exeed Electronics Management and Staff are committed to quality through providing the highest quality of Household appliances, small domestic goods, powder coating and plastic injection.

Our employees are highly involved in applying the Quality Management system requirements and have clearly understood their role in establishing, maintaining and effectively implementing this system.

The Quality Management System contributes in establishing and reviewing quality objectives to continually improve its effectiveness.

We strive to continually improve the quality of products provided in compliance with ISO 9001/2015 Management System is the basis of our success.

Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customer by providing quality products that consistently meet expectations.



Nashaat Shehata


Jehad Baajawi


Mustafa Dawood

Regional Business Development Manager

Wael Fahmi

Human Resources Manager

Ahmad Abu Isbieh

Head Of Marketing

Mohamed Al-Zoubi

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